You want to start using automation with poultry processing. But what is your idea with automation?

Saving labour or increasing your capacity and do you have enough life birds for your capacity?

Birds per year

The calculation is as follow:

Birds per hour X hours a day X days per week X weeks per year = total birds per year

We use the calculation: capacity X 8 hours a day X 5 days per week X 50 weeks/year.

250 birds per hour = 500.000 birds per year

500 birds per hour = 1.000.000 birds per years

1000 birds per hour = 2.000.000 birds per year

2000 birds per hour = 4.000.000 birds per year

For a capacity of 500bph, you need to have acces to 1.000.000/year. This results you need to have 7 farms of 25.000birds


250 – 500 birds per hour line with 2 automatic evisceration machines* (the line can run up to 1000bph

1 men for unloading hanging, bleeding (+crate washing) 

1 men for vent cutting, opening  

1 men for supervisor   

*1x automatic cropping machine

*1x automatic eviscerator machine

250 – 500 birds per hour line, on-line, but no further automation

1 men for unloading, hanging, bleeding (+crate washing) 

1 men for vent cutting and opening  

1 men for eviscerating (and separating gizzards) 

1 men for Cropper, neck breaker, hock cutter  

1 men for supervisor 

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