Eviscerator – lung – small capacity – Poultry Processing Equipment

  • Automatic Eviscerator removes the intestine package from the bird, using evisceration spoons
  • Completely automated, no personnel required for evisceration
  • No damage to intestines and reduced risk at cross contamination
  • Capacity from 500 to 6000 birds per hour depending on configuration/model
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The automatic eviscerator is especially designed to remove the intestine package from the bird, without causing any damage to the organs or intestines. The evisceration spoon enters the carcass. After reaching the bottom of the cavity, the bracket turns and clamps the oesophagus. The spoon is removed from the bird and places the intestine package on the back of the bird to allow for veterinary inspection. Operators can remove hearts and lungs manually. Stomachs can be processed by a gizzard harvester and related machinery to obtain clean, peeled gizzards.

Main characteristics of Automatic Eviscerator

  • Driven by the overhead conveyor
  • Uses improved evisceration units
  • The bird remains in the correct position during evisceration by using a centering bracket
  • Dual function of the wing clamp: lift the thighs and hold the bird firmly
  • The spoon removes the complete intestine package
  • Made of stainless steel and other noncorrosive materials
  • Supplied with receiving bin with central drain
  • Safety sensor which automatically halts the evisceration line upon detecting a machine jam or breakdown, preventing further damage to the line
  • Height adjustment device
  • High quality design