Poultry Processing in Botswana.

A complete compact processing line delivered and installed for a customer in Botswana. The line has a capacity of 500 up to 1000 birds per hour.


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See our 500-1000 birds per hour line: 500-1000 birds per hour 

The entry poultry processing line starts at 500 birds per hour. Larger variants are available at increased steps of 500 birds per hour to achieve production of 1000, 1500 or 2000 birds per hour. While the basic equipment list remains mostly the same, larger capacity lines either require a bit more equipment or larger type equipment. As a simple example, a bleeding line at 1000 birds per hour is 10 meters long whereas at 2000 birds per hour it is 20 meters long etc. For a quick overview please check our comparison chart. Starting from 4000 or 6000 birds per hour full automatic evisceration and other automatic machines are introduced.

There are many national and international suppliers of poultry processing equipment, but none is truly thinking about you: the user of the equipment. They want to sell their machines and that is where it stops…

Therefore we have re-designed the entire process, went though all the logical steps and concluded with the following pre-fab, modular build, floor mounted, self-standing, Pluck & Play solution. 

What does that mean?

  • No architects to lay a plant out in your building, calculate roof- or floor loads, etc.
  • No over-prized consultants to advice you how to design the line
  • No management meeting how to install a poultry processing line
  • No overpaid European Engineers, running around, to install and connect your equipment, as you can do it all yourself!!
  • And no loss of production time

Simple, like buying a cabinet…