Hock Cutter

  • Automatic in-line hock cutter
  • Rotating knife cuts hocks through the ankle joint
  • The position of the knife can be adjusted
  • Manufactured out of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • Driven by the overhead conveyor
Hock / Feet Cutter

The automatic Hock Cutter cuts of the hocks through the ankle joint. The machine is positioned at the end of the killing and defeathering line. It is placed in a 180° curve and run either clockwise or counter clockwise. The hock cutter is driven by the overhead conveyor, which ensures a correct synchronization of the machine with the line.

All hocks are positioned in the synthetic catching wheel, which ensures that the hocks are properly positioned to be cut through the ankle joints. The position of the circular blade can be adjusted accordingly.  As the birds are conveyed through the machine, the hocks are bent to allow the rotating circular knife to cut off the hocks correctly. Hocks can then be unloaded and processed in a feet deskinning line.



Capacityup to 6000 birds per hour
Length1700 mm
Width1200 mm
Height2100 mm
Weight350 kg
Installed power per motor0.75 kW