Automatic Evisceration – Poultry Processing Equipment

  • Cost-effective automatic evisceration line
  • Based on proven technology and 30 years of automatic poultry processing experience
  • Greatly reduces required number of personnel
  • Enables production according to modern food safety standards
  • High quality Dutch engineering
Evisceration Line
  • Automatic evisceration line to process 4000 – 6000 birds per hour
  • Based on proven technology and 30 years of automatic poultry processing experience
  • Enables a safe and hygienic operation according to modern production norms
  • Dutch assembly and engineering ensures excellent production quality standards

Automatic evisceration is the pinnacle of modern poultry processing. Manual processing requires a large number of staff. However, automated eviscerating line greatly reduces needed labour. Therefore the technology allows for expanded production capacities of 4000 to 6000 birds per hour. In addition to increased productivity, there are several more advantages. Within a specific average flock weight range, a consistent product quality can be guaranteed. It also ensures safe and hygienic production according to modern food safety standards, which is a growing concern in more and more markets around the world.

Automatic Evisceration Machines

The automatic evisceration line can contain any of the machines listed below.

  • Vent Cutter; cuts the vent and removes the Bursa Fabricius
  • Opener; opens the vent hole to make room for the evisceration units
  • Eviscerator; removes the intestines completely without causing damage
  • Cropper; removes the crop and trachea by means of a drill
  • Neck Breaker; breaks and removes necks
  • Final Inspection machine; which removes the lungs and other organic materials by means of vacuum
  • Inside/Outside Bird Washer;  thoroughly spray washes the birds’ carcasses from the interior and exterior