Single Thigh Deboner – STD

Key benefits

  • Standalone semi-automatic thigh deboner
  • Capacity of up to 300 thighs per hour.
  • Employs industry-tested “diaphragm” principle.
  • Minimal meat loss during deboning.
  • Ergonomic design.
Single Thigh Deboner including table

Single Thigh Deboner – STD

  • Semi-automatic thigh deboner for deboning up to 600 thighs, and 500 drums per hour (depending on operator skill and product characteristics);
  • Based on the industry tested and proven “rubber diaphragm” principle: thigh is placed on a diaphragm (rubber disc with a hole in it) while a metal shaft extrudes downwards to push the bone out of the thigh. The disc retains the meat, while the bone is pushed through the hole in the disc.
  • In this process almost all meat is stripped off the bone, meaning minimal meat loss during deboning;
  • Discs with various hole sizes are available to debone thighs of various sizes;
  • Machine requires ONLY compressed air to run (air compressor sold separately)
  • important: so no electricity required

Optional: Deboning table with ergonomic switch to operate the machine which keeps the hands of the operator free to handle the thighs.

Note: The legs/thighs will have to have the back-piece removed./ so a leg of an anatomically cut thigh, not from a leg-quarter

Capacityup to 600 thighs per hour
Weight Thigh deboner17 kg
Width Thigh deboner240 mm
Length Thigh Deboner450 mm
Height Thigh Deboner700 mm
weight incl table (optional)75 kg (optional)
Length table (optional)1100 mm
Width table (optional)700 mm
Height all-in1400 mm
Air Pressure8 Bar
Liter/min10 nominal liters of air per thigh
Length (Packed)800 mm
Width (Packed)600 mm
Height (Packed)450 mm
Weight (Packed)29 kg