Weigher 180deg

  • For accurately weighing single weighing shackles containing whole birds;
  • Works in conjunction with multiple drop-off stations to separately unload birds according to weight.
Weigher 180deg

The weighing line delivers accurate weighing results that are used in the distribution department to guide products into the correct processing lines.

  • Made of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials;
  • Weighing shackles are securely guided by nylon guide bars;
  • A loading cell weighs each bird/weighing arm as it passed the sensor;
  • The device accurately weighs just the bird – not the shackle or other mechanical parts;
  • After the weigher there can be several drop-off stations, where birds are unloaded based on their weight;
  • Allowing the processor to select birds according to customer requirements, some birds might be packed whole in plastic bags or transferred to a cut-up line for portioning.