Nylon Chain Conveyor (90 degree)

  • Ideal for transporting live bird crates
  • 90° curve
  • Standard width of 700 mm
  • Made of stainless steel and food industry approved nylon chains
  • Gear motor drives nylon chain
  • With leveling feet for easy height adjustment
90 degree curve crate conveyor
  • Nylon chain conveyor for transporting crates within the live bird handling (arrival) area of a poultry processing plant.
  • Straight or 90 degrees curved sections.
  • Including drive/tensioning unit.
  • Straight sections sold in standard length of 5000 mm per section.
  • Standard width 700 mm, other widths available on customer request.
  • Height according to customer requirements.
  • With leveling feet for stabilization and to adjust the height of the machine.
  • Made of stainless steel, food grade nylon and other non-corrosive materials.
Width700 mm (standard width, other sizes on customer request)
HeightAdjustable with leveling feet, according to customer requirements
Installed power0.37 kW