Pressure Washer

  • Powerful high-pressure washer for cleaning / disinfecting the live bird crates (or machines)
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Trigger gun is designed to require less holding force, which reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity
  • Quickly switch between two different cleaning agents, or carry twice as much of the same cleaning agent, without having to stop work
High pressure cleaner capacity
  • Powerful high-pressure cleaner
  • With anti-twist system for easy and safe operation
  • Automatic pressure-controlled shutdown for low energy consumption
  • Ergonomically designed trigger gun can be held and operated with greatly reduced effort
  • Two containers for cleaning agents, meaning the area coverage can be doubled or two different cleaning agents can be carried without having to stop work
Capacity460 - 900 l/hour
Working pressure40-200 bar
Maximum pressure220 bar
Connection load7 kW
Weight48 kg
Length467 mm
Width407 mm
Height1010 mm