Bleeding Line

  • V-shaped stainless steel bleeding trough which collects blood
  • Build to ensure a good bleeding result to ensure no formation of blood spots, a higher product quality and longer shelf life
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Collected blood can be transported by a pump or by means of vacuum (separately available)
  • The bleeding line allows birds to bleed out after they have been killed.

  • The birds hang from kill shackles and are conveyed by the overhead conveyor over a trough where the birds bleed out

  • V-shaped, double-pass, standard sections with central drain

  • Fully self-supporting construction in case of prefab configuration

  • Blood can be transported from the bleeding trough to a collection tank by means of a blood pump or vacuum

  • Effective bleeding length depends on the required capacity per hour.

  • Generally birds will lose around half of the total amount of blood in 1,5 to 2 minutes of bleeding time. Inadequate bleeding results in a product with shorter shelf life.

  • Supplied with combined line drive / spring-loaded tensioner, overhead track and floor-mounted support frame in case of prefab configuration

  • Made of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials

Effective bleeding length3600 mm
Number of passes2

Effective bleeding length7200 mm
Number of passes2

Effective bleeding length12000 mm
Number of passes2

Effective bleeding length10000 mm
Number of passes3

Effective bleeding length24000 mm
Number of passes4