Bird counter

The automatic bird counter counts each bird that passes the device, giving insight in and control over production numbers in poultry processing plants. Next to relevant management information, it enables detection of where costly product is being lost due to machine failures or human intervention.

Bird Counter

The automatic bird counter can be installed at various places in a poultry processing plants for management information and controlling purposes. Generally the counter is placed before or near the bleed line to count live birds. An optical sensor detects each (live) bird as it passes the photo-optical sensor. The data is stored in a database for later analysis. Counters can also be placed at later stages of the poultry processing line to count processed (whole) birds before/after evisceration, weighing or chilling.

Key characteristics of automatic bird counter

  • Automatic electronic bird counter which comes in a frame and is installed in-line;
  • Recording device with photo-optical sensor and electrical cabinet;
  • Stay in control and know how many birds are processed in your line or plant at any given time;
  • Precise counting, takes into account any shackle swinging or empty shackles;
  • Sensor system is water and humidity proof;
  • Shackle and product do not come into contact with sensor equipment leading to reduced risk of cross contamination;
  • Device is equipped with a modem with GSM support, enabling communication of the latest bird count by means of SMS;
  • Counting can also be reset by SMS;
  • Comes with software for error diagnostics.