Gizzard Harvester – Poultry Processing Equipment

  • Gizzard Harvester GH-6000 separates the gizzards from the intestines.
  • The machine also cleans the gizzards and removes the skin from the gizzard.
  • The GH-6000 is an efficient solution to harvest clean, peeled gizzards.
  • Optional gizzard inspection tables sold separately.

The Gizzard Harvester incorporates four different processes. It separates the gizzard from the intestines, separates the pre-stomach from the intestines, separates the pre-stomach from the gizzard, opens and cleans the gizzard and removes the yellow inside lining of the gizzard. Once the per-stomach is removed a circular knife cuts open the gizzard and subsequently the gizzard is cleaned by water sprayers. A gizzard spreading device prepares the gizzards for the final step. The last step is to remove the inedible inner skin, which is removed by peeler shafts which peel of the yellow skin of the gizzard. The clean, peeled gizzards are discharged from the gizzard harvester onto a gizzard inspection table, which will allow a single operator to check and – if needed – peel any gizzards which have not been processed correctly.

Main characteristics of the gizzard harvester

  • revolutionary design: we removed all the fancy amateur chain-and-sprockets drive systems. It is a giblet harvester, not a bike!!!
  • transport/pinch-off rolls to separate the gizzards from the intestines
  • circular ‘DIAMOND’ gizzard opening blade, with extra long life
  • each ‘line’ driven by an electric motor
  • 1 ABI stainless steel motor, driving combined in-feed roller – pinch-off rolls, peeler-rolls
  • 1 ABI stainless steel motor for the ‘Diamond’ gizzard opening Blade
  • 1 ABI stainless steel motor to drive the gizzard tamper set-up for increased peeling result
  • 1 ABI stainless steel motor to drive the gizzard transport chain.
  • water spray pipe to clean the transport rolls and flush out the content of the gizzard
  • offal discharge trough
  • peelers to remove the yellow gizzard lining
  • automatic auto-reverse mechanism which is activated when the machine is submitted to heavy resistance to motion; so jamming will be avoided and working with the machine is more safe
  • safety switch for operators
Capacity6000 gizzards per hour
Length2600 mm
Width570 mm
Height1510 mm
Weight350 kg
Water consumption1.5 m3/h
Installed power4 motors of 0,75kW