Bird Unloader – Poultry Processing Equipment

  • Automatic bird unloader is placed at the end of a processing line
  • Automatically unloads birds from the line: no labor required
  • Driven by the overhead conveyor, therefore perfectly synchronized and no drive engine required

Unloading birds from a processing line can be automated by installing an automatic Bird Unloader in-line. This type of unloader is integrated in the overhead conveyor. As the conveyor passes through the Bird Unloader, the birds are pushed out of the shackles by an ejection device. Naturally the machine is one of the last steps in the process, as it is placed near the end of a slaughter or evisceration line. When the unloading machine is placed near the end of an evisceration line, the machine can either unload birds direcly into the water chiller (using a slide) or into a collection crate.

  • Can be installed in any existing (evisceration) line
  • Is driven by the overhead conveyor which ensures a synchronized operation
  • Unloads up to 10000 birds per hour – no manual labor required!
  • Left and right rotating models available
  • Outward and inward ejecting models available
  • Optional automatic hock/feet cutter can be added
Shackle pitch6"
Capacityup to 3000 birds per hour

Shackle pitch6"
Capacityup to 6000 birds per hour