Circular cut-up machine multiple cuts – CCM

  • Automatic cut-up line with a capacity of 500 up to 2500 birds per hour, or up to 3500 bph (2 hangers)
  • Different configurations are available to provide different cuts
  • Optional: Drum/Thigh Deboner, Cone Debone Line, and Wing Portioners to obtain and process as much sellable product as possible for maximum profitability
Automatic cut-up line - Multiple cuts

Automatic cut-up line – Multiple cuts

Choose one of popular Cut-up Line setups for portioning 500 up to 3500 birds per hour.

  • 5-7 piece Wing Cutter, Horizontal Halving, Saddle Splitter (leg quarters), Thigh/Drum Separator
  • 6-8 piece Wing Cutter, Breast Cap Cutter, Backpiece cutter, Anatomic Leg-processor, Drum/thigh Cutter
  • wings, vertical bird splitter, side back-breast cutter/
  • Available cuts, a selection of:

    • wing-tips
    • whole wings
    • breast cap
    • breast-cap with split caps (2 half breasts)
    • pipistrella / vampire cut (connected wings)
    • vertical bird halving (2 half birds)
    • front-half cutter (for cone deboning)
    • side breast back (2 breast quarter, 2 leg quarters)
    • saddle splitter (2 leg quarter)
    • leg processor (2 anatomic legs)
    • drum-thigh

Main benefits of automatic cut-up line

    • Based on new technology and lean designed to be as simple as possible with regards to installation, maintenance and operation
    • Compact design with minimum footprint (2,5 x 3,5m….)
    • but still with highest possible production (1 hanger 500 up to 2500bph, with 2 hangers up to 3,500 bph)
    • very open so lay-out, easy to clean in shortest time
  • easy integration with compact filleting machine or cone-debone line, drum- or thighdeboner, and brine injector


Capacity500 up to 2500 birds per hours with 1 hanger
up to 3500 birds per hour with 2 hangers
Diameter2500 mm
Height2250 mm
Installed power per engine0.75 kW
Total installed powerDepends on modules
Weight2000 kg