Feather/Offal Pump

Offal, meaning all inedible parts – mainly feathers, intestines, evisceration waste, but also blood – need to be separated from the edible meat. An offal pump transports offal through a pipe network to an offal separator using water.

Dry Feather/Offal Pump

Offal is a by-product in poultry processing plants. It includes feathers, blood, intestines, evisceration waste, heads and feet. Offal are the inedible parts of the bird. Even though the blood and feet (paws) are consumed in some markets, they are still considered offal. Any poultry processing plant will need to handle and transport its offal by-product. An offal pump uses water to pump the offal through a piping network to a collection area. It is possible to unload the offal materials in a water separator to separate the offal and water from the feathers. The feathers can then be processed by a feather press for dewatering. All offal materials are generally used in or sold to rendering plants. In short, rendering means converting inedible animal waste materials to meal or animal feed. For many operations it is vital to have a good offal system in place, as it can create extra value and profit.

Benefits of Offal Pump

  • Wet Offal Transport system to transport offal materials and waste
  • Part of an offal network which requires piping and is best combined with other machines to collect, separate, transport and store offal
  • Model shown is a dry condition type pump with a solids passage of 125 mm, discharge diameter of 150 mm, suction diameter of 150 mm
  • Depending on customer requirements, a fitting pump will be offered