Compressed Air Offal Transport

This system used compressed air to transport / handle poultry offal waste. A blow pot blows offal waste to a hopper (or several hoppers) for collection. An advantage of the system is that is uses no water, which can be a considerable concern and cost in certain locations.

Dry Offal Transport

Compressed Air Offal Transport is a method of dry offal transport using blow pots to blow offal waste to designated harvesting areas. An advantage of dry transport systems is that they do not use any water.

Benefits of Compressed Air Offal Transport / Handling

  • A cost-effective solution solution for handling poultry offal waste;
  • Blow pots are used to transport offal to the collection area
  • Made of stainless steel and other rustproof materials;
  • Separate ventilation valve;
  • Outfitted with an inner-valve tube;
  • Control cabinet with microcontroller; for scheduling blowing and idling tasks;
  • Microcontroller can be set-up for use with multiple hoppers;
  • Comes with an air pressure regulator.