Farmers processing solution 150 – 450 birds per hour line

Compact stand-alone poultry processing line for 200 to 450 bph, with minimum foot-print. In a fully pre-fab and a Pluck&Play set-up

Rotating Poultry Pocessing line 200 - 450bph Counter Clockwise


Poultry Farmers, don’t wait, but start processing your own birds !!

You worked too hard to let the processor make all the profit! So harvest the birds yourself, and hold on to your money !!

With pride we are introducing the rotating pluck and evisceration line, to process your own birds for rural sales and marketinG

capacity200 - 450 birds per hour
live bird eight700 - 4000 gr
diameter (operational)3400mm
diameter (shipping dimentions)2300mm
electricity total380V, 50/60Hz, 18kW total
stunner400 x 300mm
variableVoltage & Amps 1,0kW
bleeding120-60 sec
bleeding troughcurved construction: 1375mm x 300mm (see red section)
scaldercurved construction: 1375mm x 300mm (see blue section)
scalding temperature52 - 62 Celcius
scalding time120 - 60 seconds
scalder heating elements2 x 9 kW
scalder blower0,75kW
pluckercurved set-up: 900mm (see white section)
banks x rows x disks x fingers/disk2 x 2 x 4 x 10fingers
plucker motors4.8 kw
staffing1 hanger/killer
evisceration staffing2-4 staff
evisceration troughcurved set-up
evisceration trough length3000 mm
maximum electrical load (start-up / operational)18kw / 14.55