500 birds per hour line

  • Capacity of up to 500 birds per hour (8 birds per minute)
  • Basic setup which includes hanging area, killing and plucking, manual and semi-automatic evisceration equipment and chilling
  • Very affordable resulting in a quick return on investment
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Trusted quality: designed and made in The Netherlands
500 BPH

Semi-automatic poultry processing line.

A basic and complete poultry processing line. Based on proven technology and 30 years of poultry processing experience. Lean engineering, manufacturing and overhead enable a cost-effective processing solution. Low initial investment, low cost of ownership per bird and quick return on investment guaranteed! We have designed this line to be very easy to install, operate and maintain.

The entry poultry processing plant starts at 500 birds per hour. Larger variants are available at increased steps of 500 birds per hour to achieve production of 1000, 1500 or 2000 birds per hour. While the basic equipment list remains mostly the same, larger capacity lines either require a bit more equipment or larger type equipment. As a simple example, a bleeding line at 1000 birds per hour is 10 meters long whereas at 2000 birds per hour it is 20 meters long. For a quick overview please check our comparison chart. Starting from 4000 or 6000 birds per hour full automatic evisceration and other automatic machines are introduced.

Equipment shown in the movie include:

  • manual hanging and killing area
  • bleeding section with blood trough
  • hot water scalder
  • plucking machine
  • head puller
  • double-sided evisceration trough
  • set of working tools (manual: knives, forks, sharpening steels)
  • semi-automatic tools such as a vent cutting pistol, lung suction gun and hock/neck scissor to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity
  • screw chiller
  • perforated collection table